Yoga teacher training in India

Yoga teacher training in India

Yoga teacher training in India formed by Ashtak Yoga with the aim to train our students to be Yoga Teachers who truly have an amazing, authentic, life-altering experience with us. We aim to give you an experience you want to share with your friends, family, and future students. Yoga teacher training India trending as physical exercise in recent years for body fitness.

Ashtak Yoga provides you 200 hrs yoga teacher training in India. This is mainly formed for those people who want to do yoga in a proper way. We provide you a deep knowledge of yoga about its origin and principle. Kate Malik is the senior yoga teacher in Ashtak yoga. She is passionate about introducing people to the amazing yoga lifestyle and helping bridge the gap between Eastern & Western practice. She is Australian and living in India for the past 6 years.

Ashtak Yoga is the Best yoga teacher training in India. Yoga is the best way to connect your whole body with your soul. Goa is the home town of Ashtak Yoga; we welcome you to the traveler paradise. Once you Ashtak Yoga training you will able to understand the proper meaning of Yoga. It is the Best yoga school in India, we focus to make our students perfect in the field of yoga.

Ashtak Yoga also provides you Hatha yoga teacher training in India. Hatha is a classical form of yoga, the word Hatha comes from Sanskrit word “हठ” which means “force” and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques. We are trained in authentic, traditional yoga styles that have been practiced for thousands of years in India and we bring these ancient techniques to our students. After completed yoga training you can open your own yoga training center and teach other students. We avail you of the valid certificates of your yoga training.

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