Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas

In Goa, 200-300 hrs yoga teacher training course will start. The purpose of this course is to deal with in-depth knowledge on Hatha, Ashtanga, and pranayama yoga postures, along with meditation and yoga ideology during a yoga teacher training course. The course is personalized training, designed for every category whether Beginner, Intermediate level yoga practitioner and professional. Our Yoga School is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, a signed certificate recognized and is provided upon completion of the course.

Yoga emphasizes more on healing from inside than outside. Our pranayama course plays a magnificant role in stress-relief and helps our students to be innovative that justify our claim for the best yoga school in the Goa. Our school philosophy is unique and gives a nice vision to our students during their stay with us as we
know that students can enhance mindfulness through yoga. We also motivate students to involve themselves in physical activities as it’s a Hatha yoga teacher training too We are trained in legitimate, traditional yoga styles that have been practiced for thousands of years and we deliver these ancient techniques to our students. This goal easily achieves by us because of our best yoga teacher.

We encourage our students to share the love with the people around them, including their future students that make us the best yoga school. We love knowing that we have contributed to the world, through the love and knowledge that our students after the training. This also leads to go forward and consider the best yoga training school in Goa.

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