Pranayama Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Pranayama teacher training in Rishikesh

Pranayama is the conscious awareness of how to breathe the life force that both energizes and relaxes the body. Pranayama word is derived from the Sanskrit word prana which means ‘life force’ and ayama meaning is ‘extension’. Ashtak yoga is providing Pranayama teacher training in Rishikesh. We welcome you to join us to our home Goa, India for our pranayama teacher training or advanced self-practice pranayama course. We love teaching in Goa and introducing students to this wonderful place in the world or welcoming old students home again.

Truly Goa is a unique place on earth with Sun, sea, sand, salt, prana, food, international people, stunning sunsets, amazing markets, yoga students, spiritual and seekers. Pranayama is an integral part of yoga. The controlled breathing enables both the rhythm of performing yoga poses and relaxing the mind for meditation. Ashtak yoga has special Pranayama course in India for the students who love to learn about the Pranayam.

Ashtak yoga is the Best yoga teacher training in India; we give the proper knowledge about yoga and its origin and principles. Yoga means ‘union of the individual consciousness’ or ‘union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness’. Ashtak yoga focuses on that they make their yoga students perfect. Yoga gives us the spirit to love our self and find the soul, Ashtak Yoga is proceeding this.

Ashtak yoga is Best yoga school in Goa, we try to give our best to serve you. We encourage the cultivation of self-love in our students and the ability to share that love with the people around them, including their future students. We love knowing that we have contributed to the world, just a little bit, through the love and understanding that flows through our graduates that it is shared into all corners of the world.

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