Hatha Yoga teacher training in India

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India

Hatha yoga is the yoga tradition most familiar to Western culture. The term is derived from the Sanskrit ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.” The practice aims to unite the active and receptive qualities represented by each celestial being. Ashtak Yoga is providing Hatha yoga teacher training in India. You can join it to know more and more about yoga, its principles, and its origin.

Ashtak Yoga is also providing us 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India it is the Best 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India. We train our yoga students to become confident, loving and experienced international yoga teachers. Our yoga teacher training program has been developed by Dr. Gaurav Malik and Kate Malik, a married team who lives in Goa, India and has been training running these programs together for the past five years.

Ashtak Yoga is the Best Yoga Retreats in India. A yoga retreat ideally involves traveling to a place that is surrounded by natural beauty. Relax your body, mind, and soul by taking the practice of yoga and meditation on the beaches or in the shadow of towering mountains. Ashtak Yoga is the Best Yoga Teacher Training.

We encourage the cultivation of self-love in our students and the ability to share that love with the people around them, including their future students. We love knowing that we have contributed to the world, just a little bit, through the love and understanding that flows through our graduates that it is shared into all corners of the world. Ashtak Yoga is the best yoga school in Thailand.

Ashtak yoga offers you 300 hrs yoga teacher training in India. Just join Ashtak Yoga it will avail you the best Yoga training. We focus on that our students become confident and stand in front of others and make them a good yoga trainer.

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