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Hatha Yoga is telling us the physical posture and gesture of every yoga. It is a practice of yoga and asana. Ashtak yoga is the Best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India. DR.GAURAV MALIK and KATE MALIK is the main yoga trainer they are well experienced in the field of yoga. Gaurav has its own unique style, a mix of tradition, modern movement and love. Gaurav mainly teaches in his home-based school in Goa, India but has also held yearly training in Thailand and Europe. They will teach you each and everything about the yoga, the origin and principle of the yoga. Our aim is to spread love and joy, give the confidence to stand in the front of others.Hatha yoga is mainly a system of physical exercises and breathing control used in yoga. Hatha yoga is the yoga tradition most familiar to Western culture. Hatha word is originally from the Sanskrit word ha, which means ‘sun’ and that means ‘moon’. The combination of sun and moon is known as Hatha Yoga. Ashtak Yoga provides you with the best Hatha yoga training in Goa. The practice aims to unite the active and receptive qualities represented by each celestial being.
Ashtak yoga is known for its excellent work, yoga joins us with our ‘Sanskriti’. Astak yoga is providing you with the way connect with Indian history. Doesn’t worry you are in safe hands you will get the best training in our centre. You would love after knowing that we have contributed to the world, just a little bit, through the love and understanding that flows through our graduates and is shared into all corners of the world. We give our training in India and Thailand and much another country. After year by year, the student number is increasing in Ashtak Yoga School in Goa.

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