Best Yoga Retreats in India

Best Yoga Retreats in India

Yoga is the practice of mind and body; it is the ancient Indian History Philosophy. Various style of yoga combines meditation, breathing techniques, physical posture and relaxation. We have lots of technique to teach you about yoga. Ashtak Yoga giving you the chance to feel your soul, it is the Best yoga school in India.

Yoga Training in Goa becomes famous in recent years as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote improved control of the mind and body and enhance well-being. Best Yoga Retreats in India, Dr Gaurav Malik and Kate Malik is the main teacher in Ashtak Yoga. Dr Gaurav Malik and Katte Malik are a married couple who gives the training in Ashtak Yoga.

Ashtak Yoga main motive is to cultivate self-love of the students and give them the ability to share the love with their fellows. We feel proud we have contributed to the world just a little bit. We are giving our training in Goa and Thailand and others. We are trained in reliable and traditional yoga style. Ashtak Yoga is famous for its yoga training in all over the world.

We works to spread love, joy, and happiness in the environment. Yoga is the art of connecting you with your soul, it helps you to groom. Ashtak Yoga has lots of technique for the student, we believe in practice. Our yoga gives confidence to the students to stand in front of others. Once you trained and complete the yoga training in Ashtak yoga you will open your own yoga classes.

Best yoga retreats in India; individualism is a key component of an effective yoga practice. Ashtak Yoga School has the ancient knowledge of yoga and we know how to apply this in a practical way for our students. We give all the information about the principle and origin of the Yoga..

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