200 hrs yoga teachers training in India

200 hrs yoga teachers training in India

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Ashtak yoga is a yoga training centre in India, which help us to know more and more about the Yoga. We are providing 200 hrs yoga teachers training in India, Ashtak Yoga also provide the certificates of the Yoga training.

We love holding yoga teacher trainings in our hometown of Goa, India. We love inviting people to come and see where we live. Goa is a traveler’s paradise; it is a melting pot of all kinds of people from all over the world. Ashtak yoga is also giving you 300 hrs yoga teachers training in India. Once you join our training session you would learn the origin and principles of the yoga.

Ashtak yoga is the Best yoga school in India, our course attracts those who want the adventure and the magic of travelling to India but want to feel protected and have access to similar comforts of home including a selection of different foods, western bathrooms, private rooms, lots and of tourist shopping. Our main motive is to spread love, joy and happiness.

Ashtak yoga is the Best yoga teacher training in India. We are trained in authentic, traditional yoga styles that have been practiced for thousands of years in India and we bring these ancient techniques to our students. We have lots of techniques for the practice of our students. During the practice you can also teach the others. We try to make our students confidence and full of knowledge. We encourage the cultivation of self-love in our students and the ability to share that love with the people around them, including their future students. We love knowing that we have contributed to the world, just a little bit, through the love and understanding that flows through our graduates that it is shared into all corners of the world.

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