200 hrs yoga teacher training in India

200 hrs yoga teacher training in India

Ashtak Yoga provides you 200 hrs yoga teacher training in India. Ashtak is famous in all over the world for its yoga training. We at Ashtak work intending to bid the gap between eastern and western lane. We have lots of techniques to teach our students we believe in physical practice. We are trained in authentic, traditional yoga styles that have been practiced for thousands of years in India and we bring these ancient techniques to our students.

We provide you the Best 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India. Yoga is the main part of our day to day life. It connects us with the soul and gives us relief from our life stress. Ashtak Yoga is the Best yoga school in India, our School has the ancient knowledge of yoga and we know how to apply this in a practical way for our students.

Students can join our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. We focus on producing a result with the thought every task is just right but also completed promptly. Goa is the home town of Ashtak Yoga, it is a traveler’s paradise we welcome you in our place for Yoga training.

Yoga teacher training India become famous in recent years as physical exercise. Our school philosophy is focused on our student’s experience of yoga during their stay with us as we know that if students have a truly authentic experience of yoga this can change not only their personal lives but the way they interact as teachers. We acknowledge a student’s understanding deepens through their practice, as does their journey to becoming confident, knowledgeable teachers. We focus on our student’s practice allowing them to blossom and develop their wish to share these teachings with their students when they return home.

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