Some Popular and Effective Yoga Poses

Yoga is not just an exercise, but a lifestyle. Its techniques and poses have been used since time immemorial to achieve optimal health and overall body’s well-being. Even if you are running a tight schedule and don’t have time to attend your favorite yoga lessons, just a few postures lasting only a couple of minute can be incredibly rewarding. Well, here are some incredible poses taking only a few minutes to help you begin your day with ease and joy.

Balasana – the child’s pose. This pose entails kneeling down, bringing your chest onto your thighs and finally your forehead onto the floor. Your arms should be extended by your side and next to your feet. If it’s okay with you, slowly stack your hands just underneath your forehead. Take a slow to full breath through your nose. This will allow the back of your chest to expand and the ribs to widen. As you continue to breathe-out through the nose, try to sink your buttocks back down toward your heels till you get the feeling of your spine gently curving over your thighs.

Try and stay in this posture for five to ten breaths or even more.

Bidalasana – the cat/cow pose. With your knees beneath your hips and your wrists directly beneath your shoulders, gently move into a tabletop position. Press your palms into the mat, ensuring that your shoulder blades are broad enough. Inhale looking or focusing forward and should this be uncomfortable for your neck, just look up and strive to reach the tailbone. As you tuck your chin to your chest, exhale and try to reach the tailbone down to the floor.

Don’t stop, continue with this movement, allowing your breath to lead you till you feel the entire spine is massaged.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – the downward dogs pose. This is a little bit complicated but can be done with relative ease if you consult someone who has been part of a Yoga teachers training. You just have to follow these steps. With your palms, a little wider than your shoulder’s width, tuck your toes and lift your hips into the air. This pose enables your chest to move back towards your thighs with your head relaxed and arms straightened. Roll your shoulders away from your ears and keeping your knees bent; start to walk with one heel down.

Uttanasana – Standing forward bend pose. Walk the feet toward the hands, letting your upper body hang. The head, the neck will be relaxed with the knees bent. If there isn’t any tension in your lower back, start to straighten your legs. Inhale as you inhale, try to stretch your spine then exhale and as you move your head slowly towards your feet. This might sound complex but it’s one of the easiest yoga poses.

So, when you consult someone who has done the yoga teacher training in India, you will be given the complete knowledge about all the asanas that will be extremely beneficial for your body.

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