Meditation Explained, almost.

Below is an excerpt from our Yoga Teacher Training Manual.
‘The seventh limb of Ashtak Yoga and one of the most popular.  There is a lot written about this topic, a lot of literature, but it is not something you can understand by reading in a book but by understanding through yourself.  The books is not the complete source, books can provide guidance, not understanding. No one, no book, no literature, no research, no article can make you understand or define what meditation is.  Meditation is something that you are going to find yourself.  Meditation is self-understanding or self- appearing, it is an effortless phenomenon.

It is hard to define mediation in words because it happens when there is no mind, no subject, nothing to define and understand, but while mind is there the mind will do all these things and I see that this is the main reason of having no proper knowledge about meditation or why there are a lot of myths about meditation.  To sit with crossed legs and eyes closed for some time is not meditation, the mind is capable to run twice as fast even when the eyes are closed.  Meditation is beyond of this world of action and on-action, mediation is a zero state of mind where there is no word, no time.  Meditation is not something that’s someone can teach another, it is something that happens, that just appears, all the meditation techniques that you read, see, and hear around you are only preparation techniques to lead to mediation.  All these techniques are for how to calm the mind, how to end the mind.

The knowledge is here and always has been.  The nature and the universe are constantly sending us messages but we are not receiving it, the mind is too busy.  In this case it is not possible to get something from the universe through nature.  To get something, you need to give something first.  A full thing can not take or carry something more.  This yogic knowledge and life is about the reality, about yourself, your own self.  Most beliefs, behaviours and patterns that are in the mind, do not belong to you and you do not belong to them, they are given to you by someone else, they are not your own creation.  You belong to the universe, nature, truth, trees, mountains, oceans, rivers.  So while these beliefs, behaviours and patters are still there meditation can not happen, because meditation belongs to you, not to others, while you are holding others things mediation can not happen. Once you empty these things, which do not belong to you, then the universe and nature will fill you up with love, trust, truth and your real self.  Then you bloom in the universe, in the nature, in the divine state of union.  Then you will be able to see you in all of us, in the universe, in trees and other creatures.  Then you will taste the real freedom.

All these techniques we are going to do are to give back what is not yours, let go, release and become empty. ‘

Dr. Gaurav Malik

Ashtak Yoga Teacher Training Manual

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