Each Day Is a Snap Shot of a Lifetime

I was in a local Goan restaurant where we live and hold a Yoga School in India with an old acquaintance from Sydney who had just turned up unannounced to our Yoga Studio. He told me something interesting which i haven’t forgotten.

He explained to me that your whole life is made up of days, hours, minutes. If you have a happy day today, a happy day tomorrow and most days are happy in a week, you are creating an overall happy life and when you look back on it you will see it as such. On the other hand, if you days are sad, resentful, angry and there are many of them, your life overall is a sad, resentful, angry one. This really struck a cord with me to realise that each moment you are literally deciding what kind of life you want to have. It isn’t about circumstances but about the decisions made in each moment. if we are feeling down we can pluck a positive thought out of the air, turn on some good music and turn that mood around. I know in my life i allow too many sad days, there is nothing wrong with sad but do i want that to be the majority of my days? Or overall do i want a happy life, if so, i better keep collecting happy moments and days.

The beauty of creating a happy life is that it’s more fun. So when you feel like you have collected up too many sad days recently, consciously decide to balance it out over the next week. Maybe if we get good at creating and enjoying happy days it will become our new normal. They say is takes just 21 days to create new habit so let’s start today and try for as many happy moments over the next 21 days and extend it over our whole lifetime.

Here is to enjoying happy lives.

With love from Kate,
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